These last few weeks have been VERY weird.


For me, life in lockdown has given me time to focus on things I have wanted to do for a long time – building my barre business and brand being one of them.

If I hadn’t been forced to sit at home all day every day, this website probably wouldn’t even exist.

I’d like to think that the online classes have given you something different to do during lockdown too. For a couple of hours a week, your bedroom or living room is transformed into your private dance studio (or stage!).

You can forget about the worries of lockdown and enjoy a full-body workout.

Hosting barre classes via Zoom means that anyone can join in from anywhere. Because of the power of social media, I have been in the houses of people from London to Manchester!

Unlike travelling to and from a gym, the classes take only an hour out of your day, and that hour is spent purely working out. There is no need to worry about childcare, or even planning an outfit to wear because you’re at home.

As far as I know, you could even be cooking your dinner while you workout.

There are lots of things we all miss about ‘normal’ life but will training in a gym be one of them?

Do you want to continue training online once life goes back to normal? Or are you missing the feeling of being in a dance studio with like-minded people? Feel free to DM me with your post lockdown workout plans. I’d love to know what you think…

I am more than happy to keep teaching online if people want it!

Not tried a Torre Barre class yet? Click here to find out more about them.

The classes can be taken with ‘make do’ equipment you can find around the house:

A chair or something sturdy to hold onto.

This is your makeshift ballet barre.

Click here if you’re interested in purchasing your own ballet barre to use at home.

You also need 2 x small equal weights, ideally around 1kg.

You could use full water bottles, or tin cans.

Click here to purchase 1kg dumbbells.

Torre Barre classes involve floorwork so it is also useful to have a yoga mat if you aren’t comfortable lying on the floor.

Click here to purchase a thick, cushioned yoga mat.

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