With fun flexibility goals.

We all know we should stretch.

Whether you’re an athlete or someone with a 9-5 desk job, stretching – like drinking water – is something we almost all need more of.

The benefits of increased flexibility and mobility are well documented; from reducing the risk of injury, to improved performance and preventing back pain.

However, those benefits alone sometimes aren’t enough to get us to stretch regularly.

But here is something that might:

Setting a fun flexibility goal.

This can be any position, stance or trick you like, just make sure it’s something you’d be excited to achieve.

Whether it’s being able to touch the floor without bending your knees, doing the splits or even something as advanced as a scorpion. All of these things are more fun than “stretching more to prevent injury and back pain in later life”, and when working towards these goals we still get all the normal benefits of stretching.

We can all find something to aim towards to make us stretch ourselves (pun intended!).

My current fun flexibility goals are a ‘bow and arrow’ and a ‘pistol squat’. Your goal may be a move you’ve seen online, or something you could do when you were younger.

Just make sure your goal is something you’re excited to work towards, picture yourself doing it in your head, and then get stretching!

Want to stretch together?

Join me for live Barre Bend class on Zoom, 6pm on Tuesdays – details on my Instagram.

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