The latest fitness fad? Maybe.

A full body workout? Definitely.

Something you can do? Absolutely.

Taking inspiration from the classical art form, barre fitness brings the benefits of ballet to the masses. With exercises designed to work, tone and lengthen your muscles.

Whether you’ve spent years in a dance studio or don’t know your plié from your pointe, barre is something you can benefit from.

There are five elements to Torre Barre classes: 

Barre Basics – The fundamental barre moves from ballet, fitness and yoga

Barre Body – Conditioning sequences for total body shaping

Barre Burn – Intense cardio moves and blasts

Barre Breathe – Feel the meditative benefits of moving to music.

Barre Boogie – The chance to dance

Barre Bend – Flexibility exercises for the perfect stretch

All exercises are choreographed to a playlist of upbeat pop songs. Each class is completely unique and combines different exercises for a full body workout.

Still not convinced?

Why not join one of the Torre Barre live Zoom classes? You can enjoy the class from the comfort of your own home and decide if it’s for you.

  1. May 30, 2020

    Looks good, I may give it a try

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